Fukuoka has the geometrical advantage of being closer to the Asian Continent than other places in Japan. Fukuoka is the gate of Asia and the biggest city in Kyushu, with population of over 1.4 million people. Fukuoka plays a central role in education, business, industry, travel, information and entertainment, and it is one of Japan’s eight largest cities. Fukuoka is a city of marvelous historical sites, beautiful natural views with mild climate.

The living cost and housing in Fukuoka are much cheaper than those of Tokyo ( living/comparison/tokyo/fukuoka) and more importantly, it is one of the most convenient cities to live in the world: the 10th (Monocle Magazine’s “Quality of Life” rankings for major cities 2014).

For international students, Fukuoka is the best place to study and live because it offers convenience and comfort to its residents: Fukuoka is recognized as a safe, clean and compact city for its easy access within the city. Fukuoka city center, major accommodations, information center, higher education institutions, and other interesting sites can be reached within 10-20 minutes from the airport.

The cheapest and fastest way to get around Fukuoka varies depending on your needs, time and budget. You can choose public bus, subway, trains, bicycle and even taxi with relatively cheap prices. For most Fukuoka residents and students, the best choice of all is bicycle as Fukuoka is bike-friendly with its flat landscape.

Fukuoka offers a wide range of shopping centers from the most luxurious places to the most reasonable ones for students’ budget. People have various choices to enjoy and shop at such unique and cozy areas such as Tenjin Underground shopping arcade, Canal City, Tenjin Core, Iwataya etc. Nevertheless, Fukuoka also offers its residents who just want to enjoy shopping the best bargain stuff in the nearest shopping centers which are budget-friendly for students.

Fukuoka is home to many festivals that are held throughout the year. The most famous Fukuoka Festivals are Hakata Dontaku and Hakata Gion Yamagasa. Aiwa students usually participate in Hakata Dontaku Festivals